Service Sprint - How To Prepare for Your Learning Goals

We have designed the Service Sprint live online program to help you apply what you learn to a specific service design challenge. 

You will identify this design challenge before the event and apply what you learn each day during the program. You will come away with an action plan for that process, as well as a few tools to apply to any service process you need to create or rethink. In order to achieve these goals, we have created action items for you to optimize your experience. Once registered, you will received more detailed instructions with contact information on how to prepare for Sprint.

Whether you are attending Sprint with a team or as a single attendee, we will ensure your success by you working to prepare as noted below.

During Sprint you will:

  • Determine your specific service process challenge as you will be applying what you learn to this challenge throughout the week. If you are coming with a team, you will work with your team to determine this challenge. This process will enable you and/or your team to focus on applying what you learn each day to help resolve your challenge.
  • If you are attending with a team, you may contact your executive coach for additional help in determining the specific challenge your team will be bringing to the program. • Plan time during the week to discuss how to apply what you and/or your team have learned. You will receive short daily exercises from the faculty to reflect on the knowledge gained.
  • If attending as a team, schedule a daily coaching session with our Sprint executive coach to troubleshoot your process and gain additional insights. 
  • Plan to meet with your leadership to present how you have moved forward in solving the service process challenge you determined before the event.

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