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CSL Dissertation Research Funding

The Center for Services Leadership offers funding to PhD students within the W. P. Carey School of Business, whose dissertation research is focused on a service-relevant topic. Projects are evaluated based on the potential to make a contribution to the service field. Examples of funded projects include:

  • “Leveraging Big Data from Social Media in the Delivery of Humanitarian Services” by Eunae Yoo, Department of Supply Chain Management, W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU
  • “Modeling Incremental Willingness to Pay for Public-Good linked Product Attributes” by Ranjit C. Magendraraj, Department of Marketing, W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU

2017 Young Scholar Research Competition

The Center for Services Leadership was the proud sponsor of Young Scholar Research Competition organized by 3rd Annual Organizational Frontlines Research Symposium Committee. The goal of the award is to support Organizational Frontline research conducted by young scholars, Doctoral Students or Assistant Professors who graduated within 3 years from the application date. The winners of 2017 Young Scholar Research Competition included (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Corinne Kelley, Florida State University, “The Ambassador Effect: A Frontline Tactic to Enhance Customer Commitment, Loyalty, and Prosocial Behavior”. Advisors: Maura Scott and Martin Mende
  • Blake Runnalls, Michigan State University, “The Impact of Social Networks on Sales Training Transfer and Performance” Advisor: Doug Hughes
  • Sunil Singh, University of Missouri, “Email B2B Sales Negotiation: Dynamic Use of Textual Cues as Influence Strategies”. Advisor: Detelina Marinova

The Liam Glynn Travel Scholarship

The Frontiers in Service Conference is the world’s leading annual conference on service research. Every year doctoral students and new faculty are invited to participate in the AMA SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium, which precedes the conference. The Consortium is designed to offer a valuable opportunity to doctoral students and new faculty to engage with the leading service scholars, get feedback on research, network and learn from peers. The Center for Services Leadership provides funding for The Liam Glynn Travel Scholarship to help selected emerging service scholars to attend the Consortium and the Frontiers in Service Conference. Information about the application process is available on the conference website.

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