Company-Specific Custom Online Service Leadership Courses and Certificate in Customer Experience

We can work with your organization to customized online courses tailored to your company’s needs. These sessions can be structured in a variety of ways to meet your specific objectives. They are often focused on addressing one or more of your specific service opportunities or challenges. Custom online education programs are an excellent opportunity for your organization to effectively deliver services knowledge to your employees around the world on a scale that has never been offered before. We are also able to design a custom certificate in service leadership, using more than one of these courses in combination. Custom courses are currently available in the following topic areas:

  • How to Blueprint Excellent Customer Experiences - Developed by Dr. Nancy Stephens
  • How to Find and Fix Service Quality Gaps – Developed by Dr. Mary Jo Bitner
  • How to Deliver Front Line Service Quality - Developed by Dr. Nancy Stephens
  • How to Profit from Service Recovery - Developed by Dr. Stephen W. Brown
  • How to Innovate Using the Voice of the Customer – Dr. Douglas Olsen
  • Understanding Your Customer and how Your Customer Competes - Developed by Dr. John Eaton
  • Business-to-Business Marketing - Developed by Dr. Douglas Olsen
  • Segmenting Your Business Customers - Developed by Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez
  • Listening to the Voice of the Customer - Developed by Dr. Douglas Olsen

For more information on how we can develop and deliver a customized online program or certificate for your organization, please contact the Center for Services Leadership at 480-965-6201 or contact us via email at

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