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Doing it the Hard Way: Low Control Drives Preferences for High Effort Products and Services

Keisha Cutright, University of Pennsylvania
Adriana Samper, Arizona State University

Losses Loom Longer than Gains: Modeling the Impact of Service Crises on Perceived Service Quality over Time

Maarten J. Gijsenberg, University of Groningen
Harald J. van Heerde, Massey University
Peter C. Verhoef, University of Groningen

Profiting from Service Failure and Recovery

Michael J. Howley, Jr., Drexel University
Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Southern Illinois University
Stephen W. Brown, Arizona State University
James Ward, Arizona State University

Selective Halo Effects Arising from Improving the Interpersonal Skills of Frontline Employees

Tracey Dagger, Monash University
Peter Danaher, Melbourne Business School
Jillian C. Sweeney, University of Western Australia
Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, University of Queensland

Small Details That Make Big Differences: A Radical Approach to Consumption Experience as a Firm’s Differentiating Strategy

Ruth N. Bolton, Arizona State University
Anders Gustafsson, Karlstad University and BI – Norwegian Business School
Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, The University of Queensland
Nancy J. Sirianni, Northeastern University
David K. Tse, Hong Kong University

Balancing Risk and Return in a Customer Portfolio

Crina Tarasi, Central Michigan University
Ruth Bolton, Marketing Science Institute
Michael D. Hutt, Arizona State University
Beth A. Walker, Arizona State University

Risk Considerations in the Management of Customer Equity

Ruth N. Bolton, Arizona State University
Crina Tarasi, Central Michigan University

Interactive Services: A Framework, Synthesis and Research Directions

Ruth N. Bolton, Marketing Science Institute
Shruti Saxena-Iyer, Arizona State University

Leveraging the Capabilities of Service-Oriented Decision Support Systems: Putting Analytics and Big Data in Cloud

Haluk Demirkan, Arizona State University
Dursun Delen, Oklahoma State University

Process Completeness: Strategies for Aligning Service Systems with Customers’ Service Needs

Gabriele Piccoli, Università di Sassari
M. Kathryn Brohman, Queen’s University
Richard T. Watson, University of Georgia
A. Parasuraman, University of Miami